On To New Hampshire, Leaving Behind A Mess In Iowa

And when breaking things down by county, Pete Buttigieg took 58, Bernie Sanders won 20, Joe Biden came out ahead in eight, Amy Klobuchar picked up five (mainly along the border with her home state of Minnesota), Elizabeth Warren won a single county, and seven other counties ended up in ties.

Emerson Suffolk WHDH Bos. Globe NBC
Sanders 32 24 31 24 25 27.2
Buttigieg 23 23 24 25 21 23.2
Warren 13 13 11 14 14 13
Biden 11 11 11 11 13 11.4
Klobuchar 9 6 9 6 8 7.6

But then things change quite a bit, both geographically and demographically, as the nomination process moves out west to Nevada and then down south to South Carolina. In Nevada, Biden has a near seven-point lead over Sanders — 25.6% to 19% — with Warren in third place at 16.2%. And in South Carolina, Biden’s lead is even stronger, leading Sanders 31.6% to 15.8%. And interestingly, Tom Steyer has come on very strong in the two most recent polls there, climbing into third place with 12.4% support of state voters, ahead of Warren.

So, polishing up our crystal ball, it’s entirely conceivable that once we get to Super Tuesday, there could be three self-proclaimed front-runners in Sanders, Buttigieg, and Biden. And that’s when things get real interesting as that’s when Michael Bloomberg shows up on state ballots for the first time. 

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