Sanders Easily Wins Nevada, Stakes Claim As New Frontrunner

The next (and last) of the early states in the South Carolina primary this coming Saturday, where Biden and Steyer are betting the house. The former, in a effort to “right the ship”, the latter in an effort to appear even remotely relevant. For Sanders, it’s his first real test to see if he can improve on his minority voter numbers and support, which will be a key test of his “electibility” in the eyes of many voters. 

We’ve had four new polls just this week in South Carolina, which shows that the race is much tighter than it was just a month ago.  

Courier ECU Change UMass Winthrop
Biden 28 28 23 23 24 25.2
Sanders 20 20 23 21 19 20.6
Steyer 14 14 20 13 15 15
Buttigieg 8 8 15 11 7 9.8
Warren 7 7 9 11 6 8
Klobuchar 2 7 8 9 5 5.6

And once the dust settles from South Carolina, it’s on to Super Tuesday. And as such, we’ve had a number of new polls to add from California, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. We also have new polls from Florida and Illinois (March 17), and Georgia (March 24). 

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