The 11 Most Instagrammable Restaurants in Madrid You Must Try Now

While Barcelona and San Sebastian get a lot of attention for their sexy food scene, dining in Madrid is on another level. Of course, expats in Spain argue this point constantly, but I can attest that madrileños really know and love their food…. and for good reason. Just take one look at the most Instagrammable restaurants in Madrid, and you’ll find that the capital truly delivers.

Okay, okay… I’m not trying to start a war. The great thing about Spain is that, of course, you’ll find ah-maz-ing food everywhere. But as a lover of really good food, I have to tell you that the thing that Madrid does best is deliver great dining experiences.

Seriously, the capital dazzles. It is the center all of things. The freshest seafood is flown in from Galicia. The best vegetables make their way from Andalucía, Calatonia, or Valencia. And, the jamón, queso, and wine? Well… the country is so well-known for these products that you can find the best anywhere… especially in Madrid

In other words, Spain’s culinary treasure troves are endless, and every region in Spain ensures their “bests” make their way to the capital. And that is why is restaurants in Madrid are so proud. I’m not arguing that here. What I’m trying to do is to introduce you to the restaurants here in Madrid that have serve amazing food and that also are so freakin’ gorgeous that they are the most instagrammable restaurants in Madrid you must try now!

Sooo… super bonus… they are delicious, too!!!!!

1. Amaznico

Okay, the fact that this is my first pick for most Instagrammable restaurants in Madrid says a lot. Amazonico‘s decor evokes an exotic trip down to the Amazon rainforest, and the owners just nailed it!

The restaurant’s menu is globally-inspired. Amazonico’s dishes include the following influences: Brazilian, Japanese, Argentinian, Indian, Peruvian, and Chinese. In Amazonico’s basement, there is The Jungle Jazz Club. On a weekend night, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail and listen to live jazz music.

This gastronomic gem is a must-visit. It is the ultimate Madrid spot to see and be seen.

C. Jorge Juan, 20, 28001

2. Bel Mondo

Bel Mondo‘s interior is one of the most opulent, yet coziest I’ve seen in Madrid. The restaurant’s decor has an eclectic, retro, south Italian vibe. A little bit tacky, a little bit glamorous, and so so so fun. And although the space is quite large, you feel like you’re dining in someone’s (like a crazy but cool distant aunt’s) home or patio.

As one of the most trendy places in Madrid, Bel Mondo’s reservations are booked weeks or months in advance. We suggest pre-booking your reservation to avoid long waits.

Italian food is usually a safe bet. So, you can’t go wrong with anything you order at Bel Mondo. But, the menu star is the pasta carbonara. Servers elaborately spin the noodles in a wheel of cheese. The dish is made-to-order, served table-side. And for dessert? The chocolate calzone, hands down.  

Calle de Velázquez, 39

3. Raimunda

Raimundo, one most the Instagrammable restaurants in Madrid

Raimunda is an elegant South American fusion restaurant. Outside, Raimunda has a gorgeous terrace where you can enjoy an alfresco meal. Inside, the restaurant’s vibe is hip and eclectic. Picture lush ferns hanging from the ceiling, warm lighting, and rustic brick walls.

Raimunda tacos are very good, and so are the lasagna de Rabo de Toro, hamburger, and solomillo (steak). Don’t forget to check out the drink menu! Raimunda has fabulous South-American-inspired cocktails like a mojito criollo or pisco sour.  

This restaurant’s location also makes it one of Madrid’s most Instagrammable restaurants. It’s just steps away from the famous Plaza de Cibeles, one of Madrid’s most beautiful landmarks.

Paseo de Recoletos, 2

4. Coco Mocca

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