Why bother to vote? What’s the point?

I’ve voted in every election I can remember.  I’m what they call a 4 of 4.  That means I have a close-to perfect voting record.

I have a degree in Government/Political Science that taught me all the “rules.”  How the “system” is supposed to work.  And on the white boards of academia, it all looked so… perfect.

We are supposed to be the shining light on the hill.  We are what so many others aspire to, publicly.  Millions are here illegally because of our stupidity and generosity.  Many died trying to come here. Many countries around the world hate us… because they ain’t us.

But in the end, we seem to have become no different than any other 3rd world country.  Our veneer is just a bit more polished.

Laws apply to some, but not to all.  People of privilege and wealth can ignore the rules, as can those on the left fringes (look up Portland for a great example). Fraudulent elections are the order of the day and no one in government cares while our courts turn a blind eye.

All of which begs the issue: why bother to vote anymore?

As I sit here, it’s fairly clear that the statement falsely attributed to Joe Stalin,

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will
vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will
count the votes, and how.”

Has become true.

Here in Washington, the leftists kept recounting until they found the mystery votes they needed to get Gregoire elected governor over Rossi.

Is it any wonder that Washington State has become, essentially, the Washington Soviet?

And now?  Now because our votes don’t matter, the entire country is set to follow.

Because those who are sworn to uphold the Constitution and our laws piss on both with a frightening regularity. 

The evidence is obvious. It’s not just this most recent vote.  It’s looking around at the corrupt, the filthy, the murderers and the treasonous and noticing that NONE OF THEM has been held accountable.

Biden was, perhaps, the most corrupt, racist Vice President this nation has ever seen and none of that matters to anyone who puts on blinders and supports him.

He is set to become the most corrupt, racist PRESIDENT we’ve ever known.  He’s surrounded himself with scum, a prostitute of a vice-president who has established herself as a whore to get what she wants, and a group of thugs who would have sold their own children to get rid of Trump.

So that’s what it’s come to.  Criminal fraud. Lies. Deceit. Corruption at the highest levels. And what’s been done about it?


So, do we continue to play along?

I’m not.  There’s no point in it.

In the upcoming elections in Georgia, the GOP will lose both senate seats and along with that, control of the Senate. The leftists will find themselves in the same position the GOP had in 2016: control of all three branches of government.

Except this time, Biden won’t have a House and a Senate opposed to him like Trump did.

I used to speak of this.

“You cannot whip those who support you for long and then expect them to
keep supporting you when you need them the most.  You cannot keep using
the same threats of what will happen if the GOP loses when far too many
times that outcome has been GOP-inspired in the first place.”


 “At first, the RINO faction around here, particularly that led by Brent Boger, told us to “just wait.”

“Just wait until we get the House back.”  Well, we’ve waited 6 years and nothing.

“Just wait until we get the Senate back.”  Well, we’ve waited 2 years and nothing.

“Just wait until we get the White House.”  Well, we’ve GOT the damned
White House, and what are the same RINO’s who’ve been sitting on their
thumbs doing… the same RINOs who RAN on getting rid of Obamacare?


Well, time’s up.

I’ve waited.  And I’ll be waiting until I’m dead.

Even when we DO elect them, what do they do?  Not only at the national level, but at the state level as well?

Of the treasonous scum infesting us, who’s been indicted?  Who’s in prison?  Where are those who tied this country up in knots by obtaining false FISA warrants, by ignoring the perjury laws, by crippling an Administration while they tortured this country for political gain?

In our state, thanks to REPUBLICAN legislation, we are paying BILLIONS more in taxes.

Where are they?  Where are those who are SUPPOSED to be different?

They’re selling us out.  And what does it cost them?  Nothing.  And in fact, they’re mostly reelected.

They’re certainly not in prison, are they?

And then, this most obviously corrupt and fraudulent presidential vote, a vote that will be replicated repeatedly because, well, why not?  Why shouldn’t they shatter the rules?  Why shouldn’t they ignore the laws? 

It looks like the “far too much talk, far too little action” Trump Administration will be going out like a lamb here in about 34 days or so.  And the Dark Ages for what used to be the United States of America will begin.

Which brings me to my initial questions: Why bother to vote?  What’s the point?

Beats the hell out of me.

And there’s nothing we can do about it.

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